Monday, December 19, 2005

Is New toy Fly Pen is mightier than a regular pen?


The amazing $99.99 Fly Pen, designed for 9-to-14-year-olds, is a stylish fat pen with a small digital camera aimed along the ballpoint tip. It looks at what you write in English, and it's uncannily good at understanding it.

The pen talks to you through a small loudspeaker but, wisely, also includes earbuds, a decision that should save some parental sanity. It is powered by a single Duracel AAA battery.
Some things the Flypen lets you do out of the box:

1.Draw a calculator on the page. Tap a formula, and the pen will tell you the result.
2. Draw a series of circles. The pen will call out a state capital or state for each circle. Connect the correct state capital circles with the state circles while the pen times you.
3.Draw a small piano keyboard. As you tap the keys, the pen plays the corresponding notes.
For more meaty educational options, you need to buy add-on cartridges that plug into the top of the pen. Three fly cartridges priced between $24.99 and $34.99 teach spelling, math or Spanish.
The pen's limitation is that you have to use special paper, sold by Leapfrog, with a preprinted pattern of tiny dots that allows the camera to keep track of where it is on the page.
The add-on cartridges come with extra paper, but if the toy is a hit with your kids, you could run out of paper after a week or two, and extra paper is quite expensive at $9.99 for an 8.5-by-11 inch pad.

FLY paper: Pad (3 x 5) by LeapFrog Amazon Price: $5.99

The convenient FLY Catcher pad includes 3 pads of 25 sheets of 3 x 5 FLY paper.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

FLYstyle: FLY Recharger Review and where to buy

FLY Recharger Review and where to buy
So you want to buy Fly Pen? Come on, do it - just $99.99 and your kid owns the most sophisticated pen in the worls - Japan,United States, Germany and rest of the world haven't started to sell it. Don't forget to buy this neat and very usefull equipment - FLY Recharger that I also recommend. You can insert simple AAA batteries but they will not last to long and everyday usage of the FlyPen can become not just a fun activity but also an activity of buying packages of AAA batteries. FLY Recharger saves you and gives you the freedom of usage and enjoymnet of the hi-tech toy(some say) or HI-TECH Gadget(as I call it).

Friday, December 09, 2005

x-mas cool gift

Latest obession among kids and their parents is surely Fly Pen.I don't think it suits college students as Fly pen was initially designed for 10-14 yr olds - to play and learn, to have fun with other Fly Pen friends. Actually college students may invent the unique ways of using the magic pen. From Web site the pen user can download multiple-choice quizzes in PDF format that correspond to the chapters of specific popular published textbooks (math, science or social studies).

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Location of Karmiel

Ever wandered where Karmiel is located? Many people ask me about the citie's location and I have an easy answer - it is located in the beautiful valley of Beit HaKerem on the road Acco - Zfat. It is 45 km from Haifa and many people from Carmiel work and Study in the Northern capital of Israel. Karmiel has population of nearly 50,000. Nobody knows the real number as officails want 50,000 to be true number for budgeting and other purposes (railway? university) Many people moved to Nahariya because of the tax reduction and most of them were you ng couples who really wanted to stay in this beautiful city. Carmiel mayor (Adi Eldar) is strugling to bring tax reduction to Carmiel as well but city looks like a diamond amonng other developng towns. CXity is surrounded with arab villages that makes the scenery unique and nights loud with muadzin voices. You can hear clearly muadzin in Maaravit and Givat ram neighbourhoods.

For those who don't care about shabat travelling you have nice choice of shopping options - arab shops are open during weekends, Tiv Taaam and Keshet ( Musik's Shop), Keshet Givat Ram are open too. Castro Carmiel, Office Depot, Golf, Beitili and Super Pharm attracts Shabbat shoppers as those shops are outside of the inhabiited zone and may stay open during Saturday.

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