Saturday, August 20, 2005


This wireless audio transmitter powered by USB port with auto charger transmits audio signals from your computer, portable CD or MP3 player, or other audio device to any FM radio. No wire is required between your computer and stereo system. No batteries required, uses power from any computer's USB port or from included cigarette lighter adapter. It can be used with any computer, notebook, PDAi?? etc., which has an audio out connector port. Cigarette lighter adapter allows you to listen to your favorite music from your notebook, MP3 Player, or PDA directly in the car without the use of clumsy cassette deck adapters.
I was a little nervous after reading some of the previous reviews about the poor sound quality but a business associate had this exact device on a trip in Florida and it worked great. So, I took a chance and bought this device for my wife for her birthday anyway. She uses it with her Palm to play MP3s on the car radio. So far the sound quality is excellent and she loves it! I liked the idea of pluging it in instead of worrying about batteries.

We took the device out of the package, plugged it in, tuned the radio to the default station of 88.1, and it just worked. This product is great and has exceeded my expectations!

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